Feb 17, 2009

Festival Colours of the World 2009 (FESCO '09)

TRONOH - It's quite late though for me to promote FESCO '09 held in UTP since the event has already taken place last Saturday, 14th Feb 2009. I was just very busy with gamelan classes and trainings for one of the big events in UTP currently, so, i decided to only share about the success of this event.

Yes, I just took over Mimie's role as the gamelan co-instructor, and
yes, i'm a gamelan freak or whatever some people love to name us.
And i'm proud of being one of Sanggar Kirana (official
name for UTP Gamelan Group) members.

FESCO stands for Festical Colours of the World, organized by UTP Performing Arts Group (UPAG) presenting dance performances from universities all over the country. The first time it was held which was last year, only 13 universities (IPTS) participated. However, this year, 20 universities, both IPTA and IPTS participated including one local professional dance academy, one US dance academy and one Indonesia university. Seems like FESCO has gone international! Below are the list of participating universities:

# Akademi Seni & Warisan Negara ASWARA
# Universiti Tenaga Nasional Malaysia UNITEN
# Univarsitas Gadjah Mada Indonesia UGM
# International Medical University IMU
# Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia USIM
# Kolej Yayasan Sabah Kota Kinabalu KYS
# University College Sultan Idris UCSI
# Sunway University College
# Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia UKM
# HELP University College
# Oberlin Shansi USA
# TATiUC Terengganu
# UiTM Shah Alam
# Masterskill University College
# Kolej Pembantu Perubatan
# Taj College Ipoh
# Multimedia University MMU
# Universiti Malaysia Sabah UMS
# Universiti Kuala Lumpur UNIKL
# Universiti Teknologi Petronas UTP

It was a long 4-hour performance, but the gamelan troops were more than happy to stay until the show was over and so did almost more than third quarter of the audiences..

As a response to Elin's post, LOVE YOU GUYS!

A picture of 2 years ago..

While we were in Jogja last year..

Taken from Elin.. :D

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