Feb 10, 2009

Tying the knot? Are you ready?

TRONOH - Few days ago were like a real holiday to me (which I seldom had) since I started my new chapter of life. Not so different from the previous chapter though but huge changes occurred. Same place, same environment but several different people and activities. First semester was fine as I still practice a little of my previous chapter’s life and what make the new chapter are work and research.

I took the opportunity to look into my friends’ CLEO (Jan and Feb 2009) and my Jusco PEARL magazines (Jan 2009). With the Valentine’s Day coming this 14th, lots of articles (apart from fashion and style) published are leading towards finding your true love, make-over as a start to meet with your life partner and even research and science statistics by one professor from a university about how two people can fall in love after 4 minutes of conversation?

Although I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day, I kept on reading until I reached this page with a question “When are you getting married?” on top of it. I felt like a heavy thing just thumped me right on the head. Even by reading the title, several functions, dinners and conversations (that I merely remember) came to my head at once! I can remember countless of this question from my family members, relatives and friends. Of course I gave them different answers. It’s not about “when are you getting married?”. It’s a matter of “are you ready to tie the knot?”. I bet they won’t want to know about it. They asked out of their concern since they know that I have been seeing a ‘friend’ for five years. Even my father could understand and doesn’t want to put much pressure on us although I know that he really want to see us tie the knot a.s.a.p. Whose parents don’t? But as we all know, loads of things need to be considered nowadays, particularly money and shelter. In other words, a secured job is a must. However, it depends on how that particular couple imagine their life would be.

In the article “when are you getting married?”, the writer suggests that if you’re asked such question, just tell the people to butt out! But seriously, I don’t have the guts to say that kind of things. Moreover, I’ve also asked the same question to other friends. HA HA! Serves me right! But that’s what we do, don’t we?

Nevertheless, I would like to congratulate three female friends who got married last year, Ili (currently carrying a baby), Effa and my ex-roommate, Tikah, currently working at Bintulu (so does her husband) and also two male friends, Adham and Kuzek who got married just last week. Wish you guys ALL THE BEST for your future family-in-the-making.

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