Mar 20, 2009

DOs and DON'Ts in a relationship

TRONOH - I'm writing by experience and through readings. They are just my thoughts and are not related to anyone dead or alive..

Question: Is it hard to be LOYAL?
Answer: It depends on how you want/imagine your relationship (love) to be. Short-term? Long-term? Forever? 'Til death do you both part?

Still, it's up to you guys to think. I'm here just suggesting things you've already known/encountered/experienced/saw/did. And still, they are just a piece of opinion.

  1. Be honest and be true to yourself and to your partner.
  2. Accept each other's pros and cons. There are always rooms to change if you are willing to give a chance to your partner.
  3. Believe in each other. Have faith. (it's not that hard..)
  4. Remember that God Almighty will always help us and give ways for us as long as we remember God too and we pray to Him for the best in our lives. Yet, obstacles are meant for those whom He love.

  1. Don't hide things behind his/her back. It's true that not everything should be shared but if that thing you hid will eventually give impact on your relationship, telling the truth is the best way before he/she hears it from someone else. You don't want to know what's going to happen next.
  2. If problem occurs, don't cry to your other opposite gender friend (girls love doing this). BIG MISTAKE, friends!! Big mistake..
  3. Don't 100% believe what you hear (regarding your partner's doings or things). Ask for yourself. (Not just bf or gf, if you hear about friends too, you should do the same. Ask. If you don't want to bother, just delete from your memory.)
So, that's basically what I gather for the time being, in general.. No need to go deeper coz it will create a lot of confusion (haha) since everything depends on the persons themselves..

Owh, I just want to add that one of my friends (a guy) once said about this relationship thing that we have many other options..

Hmm.. You can interprete it whichever way you want. :)

p/s: I'm officially 24 years old today.. Thanks to all who wished. Special thanks to all my housemates (lynn, ijan, aziyan, kaklong, kak ika, ella and yunita), kak poppy, ina, desi, nurul and hanis for celebrating my birthday..

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