Apr 13, 2009



5th place :

4th place : CAPOIZ

3rd place : BAND JAMEN

2nd place : MORVEN

1st place : CRASH & BURN

TRONOH - It commenced with an outstanding and welcoming dance performance by UPAG (UTP Performing Arts Group) but the groove suddenly went down as the emcees got in. Is UTP lacking of good speakers? And the flow! The emcees took like 15 to 20 minutes to even introduce themselves!

I did enjoyed it for the first 5 minutes, but they dragged up until we started to get boring with this cheap drama of "I saw a pretty girl there, I think you can be a good mc tonite.. bla2..". And then another person from the audiences' seats shouted, " Hey! I wanna be mc too.. bla2.. " Can't remember, it was boring.

All these gimmicks and pauses, what a waste of time! The emcees was one thing. The sound system! OMG! Their enunciation were not even clear except for Sofea, but I still doubt the microphone. Hers was quite low in volume compared to the other guy's mic which was loud but his enunciation on the other hand was not clear. Same goes to another lady mc with her French accent but better still, clearer. The other guy mc was quite good, I think, lively in his own way. He might have made a good mc if it's not for the mic's sound problem.

Talk about performance. TOMORROW ENDS performed first. They did great but, I don't know. I was not satisfied maybe because the sound was too low? (Again, sound problem) I just can't feel them. Although they didn't win first or second place, BAND JAMEN did their very best that evening. Lisa (the vocalist) was adorable yet she rocked the stage! Congratulations for winning the best woman vocalist and the band being third place was not that bad.. CAPOIZ was instrumentally the best that night (especially Duck! I adore his cute guitar!) but I didn't really see the connection with the vocalists. I just didn't. I was a little frustrated though coz I'm a big fan of CAPOIZ (Silent supporter, you may call it). I might not be one of the guys who hold CAPOIZ banner but hey, I've been following this band's evolvement since Eupho '07 (besides Silent Noise of course). Way to go CAPOIZ!! MORVEN and CRASH & BURN have both shown their own unique style of music arrangements. They deserve the medals though. I love the violinist from CRASH & BURN and their arrangement for MAMA MIA song was superb!!

Somehow, an instrumental battle between the two bands left for winner and first runner-up was quite not a good idea with the lacking PA system.

Enough with the battle now. The most awaited performance was of course BUNKFACE!!! You guys rock!!

All in all, Eupho '09 was not up to my expectations since it was already the 4th Euphonious. However, congratulations to all organizing committees and sponsors for the success of this event. Great job on the transformation.

How about now we move our attention to the upcoming wu-huu '09. Details of the event can be found from the link http://wuhuu09.blogspot.com/

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