May 5, 2009

Selamat Pengantin Baru

TELUK INTAN - 2 wedding invitations on the same day!!

Date: May 2nd, 2009

1) Raihan & Faiz ------->> venue: Parit Buntar, Perak
2) Sharizan & Fadzil ---->> venue: Banting, Selangor

haih.. jenuh le dr utara nak ke selatan, walaupun hanya 2 - 3 jam perjalanan, aku as one of the driver tetap pk 2 kali.. huhu..

Me, Afaf, Awin and Zai agreed to go to Raihan's wedding first since her "walimatul 'urus" arrived first. We also agreed to decide it there later whether to proceed to Ijan's wedding or not.

The bride and bridgroom had their pictures taken all over the place, and then seeing relatives and all that stuffs, we can't even steal a moment.. Quite busy huh, being a "raja sehari".. Just that one day! So, on their way out to we-don't-know-where cause they've been rushing inside and outside of the house several times (exaggerate..), everyone quickly lined up beside and behind them and cameras were flashing.. Gotcha'!!

Got few other pictures with the bride and bridegroom on the "pelamin" but a lot more others were from our own small reunion photo session.. Haha.. We rarely see each other though, besides our yearly official reunion.. Will there be any more??

Around 130 pm, everyone was like, ok guys, we've to go back.. bla3.. Ijan is waiting.. let's go back and all that "salam peluk cium" but most were still stuck including us.. Haha.. That's what always happened!! But we don't mind.. All for the sake of seeing Kak Chaq and Robeq!!!!

In the end, our group which was from Ipoh (me, Afaf, Awin, Zai and Ayeem) decided to just go back to Ipoh and rest because it was already 245 pm.. Felt a little sad for not being able to attend Ijan's wedding but it's ok.. I'll just give her a call later.. The picture of Ijan and Fadzil below was taken from Siti Wahida's fb photo album.. Yeah, I know it's quite small.. Sorry.. :D

p/s = looking forward to Eila's wedding at Kuala Pilah next weekend.. Can't wait to be there.. Nostalgic.. not K. Pilah of course but Seremban and Labu laa..

Au revoir..


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