Jun 22, 2009


I have once thought, "Why haven't I experienced failure in life?"
That was 6 years ago, when I popped that childish question out to my father.
At that time, there's only one thing in my mind, I was afraid if I couldn't do well in my SPM.
The results turned out to be satisfying, nevertheless.

Later during my studies in the university, I gradually realized that I shouldn't have asked that question.
The journey only begun as I stepped foot outside of school and hometown where I met people from various backgrounds.
New things occurred.
New environments experienced.
New friends grouped together.
But more questions are unanswered.
Someone eventually said to me, "Welcome to the real world~"

Some things happened, which made me think, these were what I should be worried about.
I could say, "I should have known", but I didn't because they were my mistakes.
I chose to let them be that way until it was too late.
I've learned from my mistakes, I've moved on.

For those who stay, thanks for being honest from the very beginning.

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