Dec 31, 2009

Recaps of 2009..

This is my longest entry of 2009. Heh.. Bear with it.. :)

Over the year 2009, a lot of things have happened. I've met people of all kinds, backgrounds, places....

Looking back, I wasn't always in one place.. I was everywhere.. Attending invitations, conferences, trips, vacations in various places.. Unlike while I was an undergrad..

Last year, October 2008, I set foot to Jogjakarta with the Sanggar Kirana honeys, and it was memorable..
December 2008, I traveled to Kuching Sarawak with Mimie, an all-time-good-and-quarrel friend (why I only remember her about quarrel?? hahah.. because we argue a lot.. different head, different mind.. hoho.. love you Mimie!) and it was quarrelsome there!! Hahaha.. Told you we catfight each other.. (ooppss.. nothing like that actually.. hoho)

Off topic.. Duhh~ those were last year's, Diana!!!

This year?? I had once thought (thought??) of going to Aussie to visit Mimie but couldn't find time (yeah, rite...). Now that she has finished her MSc and is coming back to Malaysia (Welcome home, Mimie!)...... there goes my chance.. OMG!! She's catching her flight today!! I totally forgot!! (Gotta send her an FB wall post :P)

Now, now.. How about reviewing those married couples of 2009 (mostly those I attended)??


Nurul Raihan & Husband (sorry, forgot your husband's name.. )

Sharina & Hafiz
(pic: credit to Ijan)

Rizal Mazli & Roswadya
(pic: credit to Salina Yanti)

Fatin Liyana & Isa
(pic credit to Hafizul)

Farid Fadhly & Ili Liyana

Azima & Khairy
(pic: credit to Azima's FB)

Zainur Azwin & Hafez
(pic: credit to Awin's FB)


Megat Tarmizi & Shahida

Megat Zulkarnain & Nazirah

Mohd. Fahmi & Nurul Syazwani
(pic: credit to Iqbal, my bro)

Done with weddings..

Other Activites...

UTP Convocation 2009
Somebody graduated ;)
(sorry, that somebody doesn't want his face to be exposed.. duhh~)


2009 Masiswa Games

Festival Gamelan Malaysia @ UKM

Pertandingan Tilawah Peringkat Kebangsaan @ UTP

Teluk Batik and Aziyan's Birthday..

SAYANG Reunion at Kuantan..

Raya at Teluk Intan (my hometown)..

(pics: credits to Aziyan and Zam)

All in all, there were happy and sad moments..

It's the end of the year, thus, everything should end. Several things happened in 2009 should stay in 2009. We have to move on... The good things taken as memories, bad things gotta be thrown into the seas.. hohoho~

Good Bye 2009..

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