Dec 7, 2009

Wedding reception at Jelapang Padi Malaysia.

Yesterday was Abg Ami's (my cousin) wedding reception at Jitra. The Bride's side was held on Saturday, which we missed because Mak was still in KL. We rushed from Teluk Intan to KL to fetch Mak, and back to Teluk Intan to take our packed up things and off again to Jitra, Kedah. It was a tiresome journey but I always love being there.

We arrived at Taman Mawar, Jitra at about 9 pm.. Loads of works were waiting. LOL. That's the best part about wedding ceremony things. We only slept at 3 am and we have to get up before 8 for loads of other things to settle.. On the day itself, nobody's quite sitting down and watching. Everybody was busy with their own tasks. Mine was always handing 'bunga telur or doorgifts' to the guests, sound simple but tiring, with the hot weather there.. heheh.. I got headache at the end of the day..

Unfortunately, we could not stay a little longer because Mak will have her examiners' meeting on Monday morning 8 am. So we were all settled and on the road at about 5 pm. It was sooo sad!!

Damn I love these dudes!!

The delicious cake!!

My favourite dudes.. Sengal~ ;P

Heh.. hopefully you guys weren't expecting to see a wedding reception on a paddy field itself.. LOL.

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