May 24, 2009

List of Wedding Ceremony Invitations (June '09)


TELUK INTAN - It's mid-year school holiday and I'm certain most of your mailboxes are already occupied with wedding ceremony invitation cards. Mine is not an exception! Here's the list:

June 06 - Bitol & Yati (Batu Caves, Selangor)

June 07 - Rohanis & Khairi (Melaka)

June 13 - Ina & Hafiz (Sg. Buloh)

June 20 - Fatin & Isa (T.Melawati, KL)

June 21 - Dede & Dian (Bukit Antarabangsa)

June 27 - Rizal & Ros (Pendang, Kedah)

See? That's exactly what you have to face a while after graduation day.. Seeing people around you getting married!!

Nevertheless, I'll try to fulfill these invitations as much as I can.. Congratulations guys!! You've stepped up another ladder in your relationships.. May you live happily ever after.. (huh.. what a typical wish..)

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