Oct 14, 2009

Supplements and kidney problems.

I'm sure most of us take supplements whether they are in the form of liquid or pills, like vitamins, EPO, fish oil etc. Have you heard of cases like kidney problems resulted from the habit of taking supplements or let me stress here, too much supplements?

I'm also certain that each time we take a supplement, we will read things written around the bottle such as ingredients, distributor company name and address and not to miss ways to take the supplement. If you read carefully, there's usually a saying like, "drink a lot of water.." which means plain water.

Do you know why?
(some might have known this. Some might have not.)
In simple english (not bio-technically), to smooth the absorption of the supplements into our system and this will help avoid kidney problems. That's why, the more supplements we take, the more plain water we have to drink. So don't blame the supplements. Doctors and pharmacists have given advices, all we need to do is just follow and discipline ourselves.. That's all..

Insya Allah and good luck.

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