Nov 1, 2009

Bad October Mood..

I simply can't wait to finish whatever I'm doing right now and concentrate on my things. I want to get out of these unnecessary messes of life already but I just can't! There's no turning back for me. After all, these are the hustles and bustles in life, the things that make our life more variety and what more? I've become more observant. I should have taken human sciences. Duh..

But you see, the problem is, I'm not interested in other people's affair and I pay no mind for those who talk behind my back. They're not my business and I don't care to even think about other people's problems that much until I have to solve them!! whadde...?? COWARD! FACE IT YOURSELF! YOU'RE NOT A KID!! So, that proves I will not succeed in human sciences studies.. heh.. lame~.. Some people are born to be the type that keep their feelings, afraid to confront, love to grumble behind people's back and could not stand on their own, not even to protect the roots they're holding on! Pathetic losers..

When I say that I'm not interested in other people's affair, it has a different meaning from 'concern for others', ya... So, do differentiate between GOOD and BAD. And when I say that I pay no mind for those who talk behind my back, it also means that I'm not interested to know their opinion, which I never ask for, about my life affairs. So, BUZZ OFF! and get a life!!

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