Dec 1, 2009

Three happy siblings at home ALONE..

Mak has already been in KL for the chief examiners' meeting for the SPM papers, and it's for a week. We sent her last Sunday at the Grand Continental Hotel, Jalan Raja Laut. As it's not often for us to be there, we took the opportunities to window shop at Jalan TAR, Semua House and SOGO. Mak even got herself a new handbag! Well, she's actually looking for one since a week ago. SALE at SOGO with all the KLiers away for Hari Raya Haji was nothing like the usual end-of-year sale. The roads along the shopping center there were quite clear and the shoppers were not that crowded. The only noise that could be heard was the sound of buses' engines and the honkings. Looking at the scenarios in SOGO itself, even at The Store Teluk Intan, Happy Hour would be the craziest and noisiest hour, with everyone grabbing sale items, pushing and yelling, but that day at SOGO, Happy Hour was like the usual hour. We got ourselves three comforter sets; for my bed, my sister's and my parents'.

Abah, on the other hand, has just been off to Sungai Petani for a three-day audit training under SKOMK. So that left us, the three siblings at home! Aha~! Cooking? Urm, not twice a day I think. Maybe once! We've cooked spaghetti sauce, soup and curry with all the 'daging korban', should be enough for a week, whenever we feel like having them for meals. My little bro doesn't usually eat what we eat, so he usually cook his own dishes but the spaghetti was on his request so he has no complain. Perfect and easy for me.. :D

But still, I have to be home to watch over them. I was actually planning to visit my room (hehe..) in UTP this week, but it seems impossible now.. So sorry housemates. I'll try to be there by Friday but if not, see y'all next week. Furthermore, the allowance hasn't been paid yet and I'm broke!

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