Dec 23, 2009


Yes! I'm in the excited mode right now.. Yeah, I know my paper for symposium was not that perfect (but I've completed and sent it to the PGO) plus that paper will be sent to ITSIM 2010 (I sure will mend it later) but today I will be going on a vacatiooooonnnn!!!!!!!!!! Woohhoooo!!!

Family vacation actually. This has always make me feel excited! When it comes to family vacation, I feel like there's a spring under my feet that makes me jump, jump, jump! I feel like a 4-year-old girl but who cares! It's not like I seldom joined previous vacations 'coz we have had family trips twice a year, almost every school breaks! And we're still having it!

And I've never been more excited..

Damn, I'm 25 next year.. fuh! heh.. some people say, "age is just a number.." *wink* *wink*

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