Jan 26, 2010

From LOVE comes RESPECT...

In this high-tech, civilized (for certain) world, is there still a wife or a husband who would say, "I don't love my spouse. I only care for him/her because he/she is a good person." Is there??

Or, "My LOVE has died a long time ago. He/she is just my husband/wife and I care for him/her."

If there still is, there are several possibilities that I could think of about this person:

First, EITHER this person was brought up lacking from love OR does not understand or have any knowledge of what LOVE is all about from the perspective of the individual self (heart and mind) or the religion.

AND no wonder we heard and saw wives beating husbands, husbands beating wives, children losing respects to parents, disobedience of wives, half-hearted husbands following wives' unnecessary orders (in some cases from Islamic point of view) and so on.
Why has that happened?

Maybe most of us think that LOVE is like how we see couples nowadays cherishing moments, walking together by the lakes or seasides, spending breakfast and lunch and dinner and tea and supper together, 24/7 as if they're in their own world and nothing could tear them apart. For long-distance relationship, calling each other every night before sleep for example, SMSing, using IMs and e-mails and what not. Is that how we see it?? Is that what we think LOVE is??

These are all temporary.

"There is more than meets the eyes." - unknown.

I don't want to make this general because others might think differently from me.
From what I've learned, I shall conclude here that every good things occurred in our lives come from God.

Every good things we do (honestly, whole-heartedly), the nawaitu must be because of Allah.

As we love Allah, then we love our parents, spouses, children.
As we love Allah, then we love our friends.
As we love Allah, then we love others.

Love Allah, know Allah, then we will love our own self. We will appreciate others. We will finally see that love and care for others are because of Allah only! None others.
Love for Allah must surmount love for others.

Is it so hard to say, "I love my spouse because of Allah." honestly from the heart? If it is, then maybe we have to really treasure and learn to love Allah first..

Saying that "my love has died a long time ago." is just the same as saying, "I've given up on Allah" He who never give up on us.

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