Jan 12, 2010

TM offers netbook package with free broadband!

For university students and lecturers only.. hoho~

THIS is inspiring, OK!!

A netbook package with free broadband service.
- supported by Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM).
- will be introduced this year.
- to 100,000 university students.
- minimum monthly installment of RM50 for two years.
- priority for first-year students and those from low-income families.

hmm.. 2 years at rm50 per month. That count up to rm1200 per netbook. Quite low. Let's not talk about affordability cause it's already rm50 per month~~ Duhh~

I'm not being negative, but just hope that the quality will not be as low as the price!

Finally, long live TM! ;P

Kindly refer here: The Star :Netbook package available soon for university students, lecturers

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