Jan 8, 2010

When a woman gives up..

"You are a strong girl. I've known you for so long. Don't give up just yet."

The thing is baby, I'm not a girl anymore. I've became a woman now. I have passions, ambitions and lots of other responsibilities to hold. I need to decide which to hold and which to give up because I cannot do this one-way and alone. I need back-ups. I mean, what's the point of doing something for the welfare of someone when that someone doesn't even recognize the deeds and the purpose they serve on the person itself?

It's true. I've given up a hell lot of responsibilities to a person that I've been holding since years and now I'm giving that person a space to get back to the old self. It's not that I didn't try to firmly hold to that role~? I've done everything, all supports that that person needed, spiritual, love, wealth. Even from the others too.

Why can't you be grateful to yourself?? To people around you?? To God at least??
For being surrounded by such wonderful, caring, giving people.
We don't want anything from you.
We don't care even if you couldn't pay us back!
We don't want all that!
We want YOU, THE YOU that we've always known.. Sadly enough.
Just how much have you changed! How far have you gone?

Turning your face away from me for the sake of a different sex friend when I was being nonjudgmental was a damn freaking huge mistake! because that's when I started being judgmental..

It's easy to give up on others, but it will be troublesome if you give up on yourself. So, stay put..

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