Apr 7, 2010

BBQ at Teluk Batik

Barbecue. BBQ. Hehe.. We usually write it as 'BBQ' that we forget the full spelling. We don't care actually. I bet lots of us don't even know that BBQ is the abbreviation of the word 'barbecue'. There are loads of other abbreviations which you can google if you are so much interested into spellings.

Anyway, on the first week of March, my housemates and I decided to have a barbecue at the seaside. We planned to do it on Saturday, 14th, but on Friday, 13th we could not bear the urge to have all the fun in outdoor cooking and eating (ngeh3) anymore, so we excitedly prepare all the ingredients for the bbq chicken (credit to Kak Ina for her effort to crush the spices and other ingredients using the mortar and pestle or 'lesung batu') and 'jemput bawang' and Zati fried the mihun.

We initially agreed to go to Damai Laut, and then a friend suggested Teluk Senangin so we could explore 'remis' but we ended up at Teluk Batik. The reason was because it was raining heavily that evening, that we eventually on-the-spot-decided on our way to Lumut that Teluk Batik was the safest place for our activity with this kind of weather.

By the time we arrived, the rain has stopped.

As Kak Eja started to fry the 'jemput' and me and Nik were making the fire, cats had already been gathering us and 'miow'ing, saying that they're hungry too.. 'No problem kitties, we will share..'. That's what we said to the cats.. hahaha..

We were so hungry and so happy but the climax was ruined as the monkeys came down. DAMN monkeys!! Luckily we were able to save all the food but those we gave to the cats. Thanks to the ice cream seller who warned us a little earlier, just as the monkeys were about fifty meters away from our place.

That was the 'mihun' we gave to the cats. And within seconds, a monkey grabbed it from the cats!! Bad monkey!!

We managed to capture a few pictures of the monkeys. They even try to come to us but we acted fierce.. Then, we packed and went back home. I went back to Teluk Intan by myself while the others went back to UTP.

This was so fun. I think we should go to Kuala Woh some other time.

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