Mar 12, 2010

UTP Event: Malam Inspirasi Seni, Heart 4 Islam. A REVIEW.

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So, basically, this event went on for about a month maybe?? I'm not sure because we, the post graduate students are not encouraged to be involved in the hostel's activities. I only heard about Forum Baitul Muslim and finally this Malam Inspirasi Seni.

Malam Inspirasi Seni is just similar to Kembara Sufi (Nasyid competition among UTP Students) where several groups of student perform nasyid songs. The guest artist this time was Saujana. I was initially excited to go to this event mainly because I wanted to see Saujana, well, they've been a big strike while I was still in school. Only four of them came. The former main singer, 'ya know, what's his name? he didn't get involved with Saujana anymore.

I love nasyid songs, they're soothing and harmony. I prefer the old ways actually, with tabla and congga and other percussion. But most nasyid songs nowadays are contemporary nasyid, with contemporary musics.. I still accept that anyway.

Now, back to the event, looking at the number of audiences, not encouraging, considering the fact that it was held on Tuesday. I heard the outsiders are invited too. But TUESDAY?? Most of the people here in Tronoh and Sri Iskandar are working people though. They need to get rest after working and also to work for tomorrow. How about UTP students itself?? It's the 7th week, right before mid-sem break, so it's TEST WEEK.. Most students are having tests, either before this event or tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow.... basically, it's TEST WEEK.. Even one of the MC admitted that he just came from the test room.. They even joked about the number of audiences, saying that there were 2000 people in the hall INCLUDING THOSE WHO'RE NOT COMING.. hahah.. well, i might not write it funnily but it may sound funny if you hear it yourselves.. ;P

Good try, yanne..

MC?? They're good. Can call them again in the future.. Cool.. The voice is clear.. Sound is so-so, but ok.. Small, not obvious technical problem..

So which group got to Finale? In-Saff, Well Done, All For Ummah (AFU) and Read-One.. Who were these students?? I don't care.. hahaha.. I just wanted to support this event no matter whom got to final stage..

In-Saff started with Mengemis Kasih, yeah, my favourite song, and then their own song called Buat Yang Terleka. Mic problem occured during their second song with the screaming sound of the mic.. i hate it.. The main singer's mic was slow as well, not sure if it came from his voice or the mic, but the back-up singer's voice was louder than the main, which was not good.. It pulled away a little harmony in the song.. They ended their performance with quite a cute gesture, each of them made different style but static..

Well Done started well.. huhu... well done to you guys.. Unfortunately, their first song was also Mengemis Kasih.. Hurm, there were pros and cons there but I'm not gonna babble on that. Their second song was catchy, they move a lot too, nicely done, left and right uniformly.. 'ya know, just like nasyid people has always done, but sadly, the solo had a little pitching problem in the middle of the song..

As for AFU, they sang more harmonically, which I love~~ Good teamwork, nice costume, i mean, suitable for a nasyid group. They wore baju melayu in blue, complete with 'samping'.. The solo was even better compared to the other two earlier.. I loike~~

Finally, only one word for Read-One. BEST! The group intro was finely planned.. The choreography was all finely arranged too and not all the time moving, compared to Well Done which moved a lot of time.. Only one mistake I could see/hear.. For the second song, the solo's voice was a little out of pitch.. Ooppss.. Obviously heard over the mic.. erhh..

To be continued later in the next post..
'Til fingers meet keyboard..

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