Sep 27, 2010

Curious again..

I'm so curious about my weight. I can't help it but keep wondering what happen? Has it gone up? 'Cause I've been keeping myself away from the weighing scale for months. Not purposely, of course. Been busy with stuffs.. Even if I eat less, I'm confident that my weight stays the same number, probably because I don't exercise.

I am more concern about the shape actually. That's why sit-ups and run are important. I used to run and swim twice a week which were like months ago when I was in the university but now that I've decided to work from home, it seems like my activities have been focusing a lot in front of my pc either online or offline. I should have known that all these headaches and feel-like-vomit things that I'm suffering are due to less exercising. Maybe sweeping the veranda or vacuuming and mopping the floor or tidying up the room are still not sufficient to burn the calories and discard the toxins.

I notice that I always whine about these things.. boring eh?? Me too.. I'm getting fed-up of trying to loose weight while I can't. So one day, I had this thought.

What's my problem?? I find it easy to fit average size of clothes. I wear a size S ready-made 'baju kurung'. Bigger than that, makes me look like I'm wearing a 'baju pinjam' cause I'm 14.5 inch shoulder-to-shoulder. My jeans' size lies in the range of 29 to 31. My T-shirts are 'L' considering the bottom but I barely wear them now and I've gotten rid of those body-hug shirts. Considering the bottom too, my jubah must be of size XL or 42 but it has never been a problem 'cause I'm convenient in it. Unlike some people who's taller or shorter, NO OFFENSE, I never have problems like the hands of the shirt's too short or too long for me, or the jeans/pants that do not fit me due to long legs or bottom too small or too big. I can actually fit in easily! I can buy clothes online without worries. Not that I've not tried. I've become online shopping maniac since months. So what's my problem??

I should just get on with my life. Eat healthy food. And then, DETOX!

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