Jan 24, 2010

Movie Review: Paranormal Activity & Adnan Sempit.


I watched this film with my ex-roommate, about two weeks ago if I'm not mistaken. The eagerness to watch came from a rumor that this was a sort of documentary film based on true story that describes a paranormal activity in a haunted house of a couple, Katie Featherson and Micah Sloat. Some early reviews said that the video was the actual video taped by the victims. Eventually, after watching the 90 minutes show, we started to doubt the ending because it seemed not real, so we googled for reviews and found out that the ending was actually created by Spielberg himself!! Damn! I was totally conned! So what? The film was great after all.. It was a little boring for the first half an hour with so much talks and discussions between the two main actors (because those were videotapes of their days and nights activities) that I nearly fallen asleep, but as the paranormal began, everybody was quite alert.. There are some parts that I think are quite foolish as most of the audiences laughed. For once, I was thinking, 'It's a supernatural film, hello~ you shouldn't have put a humour in it.' But as I think it over, considering the fact that it looked like a mockumentary, it does make sense since it's based on life events. Low-budget effects used but quite satisfying from my point of view. As a random audience, I give 4 stars out of 5.

ADNAN SEMPIT (English subtitled)

Directed by Ahmad Idham, it is a story of an office boy named Adnan (cast: Shaheizy Sam) who rides on a motorbike, loves to watch illegal motorbike race, easily provoked particularly regarding 'mat rempit' way of life, high self-confident and self-esteem ('poyo' gile mamat ni) with his own 'kampung' style but never bother what people think about it and in love with his own boss, Nadia (cast: Intan Ladyana). The cinema on the date and time I watched, was kind of full house which means, the promotion shows a success. The plot was not boring at all which proves the film trailer doesn't show the hilarious part only (unlike some films). Audiences were streaking with laughter for 90 minutes, and the ending was unpredictably making us burst into laughter and tears. Salut, Ahmad Idham! However humorous the story is, there are parts where my tears were running down my cheeks (ok, what a shame..) but I'm not gonna tell why, because who haven't watched yet should watch! That is if you ever 'layan' malay movies la rite? Out of 5, I give 4.5 stars!

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