Mar 23, 2011

McD Breakfast Voucher!!!!!!

With a minimum purchase of RM5, you can have TWO BIG BREAKFAST SET FOR FREE!! worth RM13.80.

My lil' bro has been buying himself a quarter pounder burger and let me and my father have these big breakfast for like 2 days now. The voucher was taken from some newspaper, i forgot which paper.

However, the good news is, printed version is also accepted, SO HURRY UP!! Just grab this voucher and print! It lasts until 31st Mar.

p/s: I had a bad thought though, about this whole McD breakfast treat.. Being too kind sometimes triggers something fishy. Anyway, ENJOYYY YOUR BREAKFAST~ :D

---@@ with regards from ][Y][a][n][n][e][ @@--- daftar ahli bioasli percuma!

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