Dec 26, 2011

My new obsession - Long Tunic Dress

Since the stomach has grown bigger, I've started to look for pregnancy dresses..Yerp, there are loads of them but are very expensive which is not worth it since they could only be worn during pregnancy, around one hundred ringgit. The cheaper ones (around sixty to eighty ringgit) on the other hand are not that suitable for a Muslimah, in my opinion, for instant, the sleeves are short or 3/4 sleeves and the material is transparent. As a preggy woman whose body temperature is way above normal, I don't think it is convenient to wear an inner shirt!

Same goes to pants. I'd rather wear a palazo pant or a stretchable skirt which could also be worn even by a non-preggy than the pregnancy pants.

Besides that, my mother has made one set of dress and long pant for me but the top was too big on the stomach. it'll look like a 'baju pinjam', I could only wear it when I'm 8 or 9 month preggy.. hihihi.. But still I need to find more, right.. My mom is a little busy right now to make me more dresses though.

Not a very long time ago, I found this onlineshop that sells dresses like Jubah and blouses for Muslimah. Most of them are suitable for preggy and breastfeeding mom. At that time, I purchase several Jubah and I fell in love! The most exciting moment is when the owner opened for agents and wholesales! I quickly registered myself and here's my blog for the items: DYANURAZ Collections FOR LADIES & KIDS. Now, we also have stuffs for kids too!!

And then came this Tunic Dresses which are the most popular in town!! It is not only beautiful, but it covers the aurah (you could see that the shape is flare and not fit) and is suitable for both preggy and non-preggy woman. For breastfeeding, we could cut the threads a little under the button line without ruining the material and the dress itself. It'll still look perfect! I've bought three different colors for myself. ;) YEAH!! I'VE BECOME OBSESSED WITH TUNIC DRESSES!!

It doesn't need ironing! The material is tip top, high quality denim! The price now is RM120 offer until 31 Dec (if anyone is interested). You might find this same tunic dresses outside at half the price. I've seen many!! But beware!! The materials and stitches are not the same! It'll stretch bigger and loose after you wash it! This is proven!

My sis bought from us one Jubah Denim (picture below) of the same material with the same accessories on the sleeves, priced RM 159. While our cousin also bought one from other shop at the price of about RM 50. She saw my sis wore the Jubah and told us she had the same one but has stretched even bigger after she washed it. My sis on the other hand has worn the Jubah for the third time and the problem never occurred after her two washes. We checked the material of her Jubah and they are not from the good quality one compared to the one my sis bought.

We were so glad that I found this shop! Now that I've become agent, anyone who is interested can directly purchase from me too.. ok~ :)

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