Dec 5, 2011

My Pregnancy Diary #1: Supplements and Vitamins

Obviously, this is one of the first and foremost thing that we need to take care of when we first know that something is developing in our womb~! Mine might be a bit different from others depending on the body's needs la kann~ this is my first time, plus, I had a little problem during my early pregnancy.... :)


When I first went to the hospital, I was prescribed with 4 types of vitamins separately; folic acid, iron, vitamin C and B Complex. That was a lot~ for me.. However, I could only consume folic acid and B complex. Why? heheh.. The vitamin C the hospital gave me was very high in acid and it made me suffer from gastritis for the first few days I consumed it, so I stopped. Then, the iron made me feel like vomit each time I took it (because sometimes I forgot since it must be taken before meal), so I stopped taking this one too.

After the folic acid and B-complex supplies were finished, I went to the pharmacy to buy more folic acid ONLY. But the pharmacist suggested this one below. Iberet folic 500.

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 He said that it's good for pregnancy. Everything in one capsule. The combination of iron, vitamin C, B complex and folic acid. I just hoped that I wouldn't vomit since it also consists of iron and vitamin C but the first time I took, I threw up. So I stopped for about one week. After that one week, my pregnancy entered second term. 3 months have passed, so I guess my hormon-getting-use-with-my-body problem has solved. Since then, I consume Iberet Folic 500 for alternate days up 'til today, and I have not vomited ever since. Maybe after tomorrow I can start to consume it daily! :)


Pati Gamat PlusC3 Spirulina

Pati gamat is good for internal healing. It is known good for healing cancer/tumor as well as gastritis and helps heal skin problems and allergies.

Whilst, spirulina is the best remedy to cover whatever is not there for the body internally and externally. Many have been very satisfied with spirulina (doesn't matter which brand), taken during pregnancy. Why? The result could be seen on the child afterwards. The baby's skin/complexion  is so soft and beautiful. Luckier if it is a girl, but doesn't matter if it is a boy, rite? It is still your child.

Initially, I intended to consume Elken Spirulina, but father has bought me Gamat Emas Spirulina C3 since he's the dealer of Gamat Emas Sdn. Bhd., plus, his friend's daughter consumed these two during pregnancy and has given birth to a very beautiful baby boy!~ hihi.. How lucky she is.. I wish the best for my baby too! Insya Allah..


I used to drink Dutch Lady before sleep since I was 6 years old. In my final year of degree studies, one of my friend introduced me to Anlene. She drank the one with chocolate flavour. Also, in my final year, I suffered from gastritis. It was the result of not having meals consistency. After graduate, I changed to Anlene. But not for long because then I noticed my weight increased tremendously, 3 kgs in 2 weeks! So I stopped. I've heard rumours that Anlene increases the bones' density. So my guess, my weight increase came from the bones. After a week without Anlene, my weight decreased to my normal previous weight.

A while after that, my father was introduced to HiGoat by HR Marketing and was directly became the stockist. Here's the stockist blog. HiGoat is the goat's milk powder packed in sachets. 15 sachets per box. Since I consume HiGoat, little by little, my sickness; gastritis and allergies reduced and slowly healed. One thing that I just knew about goat's milk is that it is an alkali compared to cow's milk which is acidic. No wonder I never got healed from gastric when I drank Dutch Lady cow's milk. It even got worse.

Goat's milk is also beneficial during pregnancy. ESPECIALLY DURING PREGNANCY. Aside from other supplements and vitamins, I make HiGoat as my regular intake each day at least one sachet per day. Sometimes I consume twice depending on my need. When it feels like I'm going to have a migrain, it becomes thrice per day. Hehh.. Memang layannn~ Before pregnant pun penah buat gini and it never made me fatter.. goat's milk digests in 20 minutes! Cow's milk digests only after 2 hours..

p/s = should also consume DHA tp tak beli2 lg.. huk.. later la..

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