Dec 6, 2011

My Pregnancy Diary #2: Continuation on Supplements and Vitamins

During pregnancy as we all know, our body temperature increases little by little from the first week until the 40th week. Drinking a lot of plain water is the most common way to discard the heat from the body, you know, by urinating la kan. My mom selamber je cakap pregnant woman macam I ni tgh mengeram~ tuh yang panas tu..  So, anyway, among other remedies to cool down the body temperature are;

1 - Soy bean drinks (fresh or preserved)
2 - fresh barley drinks
3 - fresh coconut water

Doesn't matter how much we want to take each of those drinks. But make sure the intakes are not that excessive. We don't want to encounter side effects, although there weren't any medical findings about it yet. Were there?? ;P  I've heard about soy bean drinks taken during pregnancy (in several cases) has caused the child to suffer from eczema. I could not confirm at what age. Could anyone experiencing or observing this phenomena confirm with me? Feel free to drop by your comments.

However, for the record, my mother herself drank soy bean drinks during all of her four pregnancies, especially too much on my second sibling, and whoever knows him, he's the healthiest among us. But, it could be because he was breastfed for three and a half years. How lucky!

Owh.. Rugi pulak kalau tak share this one thing! I drink ECPI a lot too..

for more info, kindly refer here:
and more here:

ECPI is not just some water ok.. Not just filtered or purified. Kalau nak tau pasal filtered or purified water, keep reading.. I also consume purified water..

FYI, for more than 3 years now, my family and I have been drinking filtered yet purified water. The taste is better and it is a healthier way of living. The water could be drunk directly. In the markets, there are more than 20 brands of water filter that you could choose. My advice, choose RIGHT. Right means approved by SIRIM, reliable, safe AND suits our household budget!

I would like to recommend several;

1- COSWAY Hexagon 8-stage Water Purifier is quite popular too. My parents' home are using Hexagon.
2- HAI-O Bio-Aura.
3- ELKEN Bio-Pure Ken Sigma.
4- ZHULIAN Beyond Water.

So I got married and have our own house! We don't have our own water filter yet. Tekak ni pulak rasa tak sedap je minum air paip walaupun dah dimasak. Rasa tak fresh, maklum lah dah biasa minum purified water. What more during pregnancy, we need to consume everything healthy and safe! Since I am an Elken member, mesti la nak guna Bio-Pure Ken Sigma tu.. Dah tau dah memang bagus, but our budget is small.. Now dh pregnant, lagi la nak kumpul duit kan.. So fikir-fikir (usually memang fikir sorang2 cause my husband ni tak kesah nak kluar duit, aku pulak yang risau for the future kann), we just purchase the COSWAY Hexagon one.. Indeed, it is 10 times cheaper than the ELKEN's one. So is the quality, but for us, it is just enough. Maybe in the future, when the household incomes have become stable, we will purchase Bio-Pure. Lagipun, mana ada benda buatan manusia ni yang tahan lama kan?? As the Malay saying goes
"Patah, tumbuh. Hilang, berganti." Hanya ALLAH sahaja yang kekal abadi..

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daftar ahli bioasli percuma!

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