Dec 20, 2011

My Pregnancy Diary #3: Natural Consumption

Salaam and hi all.

In my previous post on "supplements and vitamins", I introduced about Iberet Folic and how I cannot consume Iron since every time I took the pill, I'll vomit. Then I was introduced to Iberet Folic which consists of every vitamins needed including Iron. But I still vomited, so I took it for alternate days and promised myself to try to take it daily after that.

However, to make the story short, I couldn't consume Iberet Folic anymore!! So I decided to stop completely.. Spirulina is sufficient, they say. Though, the signs that my body lacks Iron is huge. Entering month 4, my hands and feet started to get numbed and sometimes cramped especially the hands. I asked a lot of mummies especially my older cousins, they said, it is because of Iron that is lacked during pregnancy. They gave several advice; Eat a lot of spinach, cockles and livers (chicken and beef).

Then, when I 'balik kampung jenun', my father-in-law prescribed me with his homeopathic medicine for Calcium and veins.

So that's what I do now. Hope everything will be fine.. Takmo laa kebas2 ni, semua kerja tak jadi.. :(

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