Jul 11, 2011

Operation DYANURAZ Collections #1

It's been 2 months since DYANURAZ Collections online retail shop operates. Some of the stocks are fast selling, some are very very slow.. That is always how business works. We can't always hope everything is going to be fine.. Some things need extra sweats.

Now that my official model is available, I won't need to work alone anymore.. At least for about now and another month to go, since I'm the one who's moving around here and there.

Thanks to Abah's beautifully decorated garden (I must give it some credits), I don't even need to cross over the lawn or crawl inside the car with the whole wardrobe in it just to find someplace else worth a photo. It only now depends on my photography and editing skills with just a canon ixus digital camera (which is not even mine to begin with, it belongs to the model..hihi).

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][Y]@nN[e][ de cLaSsIc (yanne)

---@@ with regards from ][Y][a][n][n][e][ @@--- daftar ahli bioasli percuma!

Adakah anda atau ahli keluarga anda mengalami tanda-tanda seperti dalam gambar?Anda mungkin KEKURANGAN VITAMIN C dalam...

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