Nov 27, 2011

Too soon to be worrying about it?? Not really..

Salaamm and hi everyone!! It's been long since I last blogged. I mean, really blog, not babble, promote or else.. Without realizing it, I'm now in my 4th month of pregnancy. Still too early to count days right? However, after each appointment with the doctor, with the weight measurement and all, especially when I realize how much my weight has increased, I've started to worry about my figure afterwards, after the labor.

As far as everyone (who knows me) is concerned (if they are), I'm already 'bam2' even before I got married. My waist only reduced about 3 inch a few weeks before my wedding day and got back to my normal waist, I repeat, 'my normal waist', a few weeks after. Then, I got the idea of wearing corset.......

Body slimming wear is not so new to me.. I've had a few before to maintain my figure. I'm not that big, but I'm not that small either. So maintaining a great figure and keeping my BMI at normal rate was very important, and I didn't find it hard actually. Everyone can do this. Eat healthily, say no to junk food and eat less fast food, like, once a month. Less eating outside too since I cook almost all the time, plus, my mom is very strict about what her children eat. I tasted my first instant mee maggi when I was in secondary school. Now is a bit hard 'cause my hubby loves fast food, especially KFC. Especially when we're outing, because he's the type who doesn't eat 'nasik campur' just anywhere (unless he knows that the 'lauk' is tasteful), for example, Nasi Kandar PELITA. Ok, so besides eating healthily, to keep the body firm, I wear the body slimming wear (not the corset type, but the stretchable body-hugged one), and it's best worn (as inners ye..) while doing workouts, exercise and sports since it has the bamboo charcoal technology bla bla bla ;P. The calorie burning rate increases as the activity gets harder.

But I am now talking about getting my ideal figure back after giving birth. BF is the best method to keep the body slim. A theory suggests, as long as you breastfeed, you won't get fat. I think, that doesn't apply to everyone. I've seen several people who BF their babies, some of them are still not in shape! No offense, I was just pointing out the fact that, some of us needs to work extra hard from the others who eat domino's with extra cheese everyday, yet they still look smoking hot in bikinis!! Ok, that is an extreme example, but it happens!

So the point now is, I have to be ready. I should decide about this before my 'pantang' period ends. I don't want to mix the 'pantang' tradition with others. I have surveyed about Premium Beautiful and Elken's DX Body Shaping Lingerie. Both are inspiring to me and what's important is money-back guaranteed. I've heard testimonies from users, but most promote Elken's. Even one of my cousin wore Elken's and I can see that it works and worth the price. I myself is currently an Elken member but I still need more information to make my money worth it. Anyone who has experience with these two or any other products, please share.

Maybe some of you will think that I'm too concern about getting thin. NO. My concern is my health. Getting the perfect ideal body weight and shape means being healthy.. Being overweight means getting near to obesity and it's a disease. It brings out all the good living from us, and brings in the worst. You all too should be concern about this.

And thanks for reading!! :)

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