Jan 30, 2012

My Pregnancy Diary #6: Updated list for my newborn.

So, after several discussions, we decided to focus on the newborn needs first as in the first few weeks to one month's baby's necessities..
Like, for example;
- extra teats could be purchased after the baby is 5 months old, depending on how often it is used.
- we don't need the cloth diaper. Mak advised that it is not practical. (My advice: Listen to the older people.. They know better, especially the grannies.. huhu..)
- we will need napkins as binders (untuk bedung the baby.. hahah.. still remember seeing my poor baby sister and brother a long time ago being wrapped! So cute~~ It's good being the first daughter, since you've seen and learnt a lot from your Mak, Opah, Makngah, Maklang, Mak Uda and soooo onnnnn..)
- Mak also said, 'no pacifier/soothers plz..' (nnt gigi die jongang.. follow ajee.. jangan bagi die isap jari I tau la, sbb nnt gigi die cenderong utk jongang, rupe2nye pacifer and soothers pun tak bleyh.. baik lah Mak.. Tp kalo u all nk jugak, sukati u all la.. anak u..)

And so, the new list goes as follows....

Soft pink indicates 'decided'.
Soft pink and slashed indicates 'done'.
Blue indicates 'purchase last'.

Feeding Needs:
- Nursing Bottles

- Nursing Bottle Storage Bag

- Breast Pump (Avent) 

- Milk Storage

- Bottle and Teat Brush

- Bottle & Food Warmer
- Extra teats
Baby's Bib (later..)
Baby Food Maker (will be used after 6 months old)

Baby's Nappies Needs
- Newborn Disposable Diapers (Huggies)
- Nappy Rash Cream
Diaper Pants (Huggies Pants)

Bath & Toiletteries
- Baby bath + Shampoo
- Baby Lotion + Oil
- Baby Powder
- Baby Towel
- Plastic Bath Tab
- Plastic Bath Mat
- Rubber Mat for changing diapers
- Minyak Telon
- Clothes Liquid Wash

Bedding Needs
- Pillows and Bolster
- Nursing Pillow
- Bedding Set (Tilam & bantal kekabu)
- Sarung tilam + sarung bantal
- Mosquito Net 
- Baby Cot
- Spring Cot (Mosquito Net)
- Crib Set (Bumper Cot)
- Blanket (hood/without hood)

Heatlhcare Needs
- Baby Wipes (Wet tissue)
- Cotton Wool
- Cotton Buds
- Face Towel
- Handkerchief
- Nail Clipper
- Grooming set (Toothbrush/comb/hair brush)
- Termometer

Wardrobe & Accesories
- Newborn Long Sleeves
- Newborn Short Sleeves
- Rompers and Jumpers
- Mittens and Booties
- Bonnets
- Napkin as binders (utk bedung baby)
- Baby's booties shoes

Baby's Travel Needs
- Stroller
- Car Seat
- Baby's Needs Bag(s) (Turtle bag)
- Travel Changing Mat
Baby Carrier

Other important accessories
- Multi purpose basket (Bakul baju+bakul minyak)
- Packed up bag for clinic appointments
- Dustbin (utk buang diapers)
- Floor Cleaner + air freshener that is safe for babies
- Children's Cupboard
- Children's Drawer

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