Jan 30, 2012

My Pregnancy Diary #7: Surveys on milk bottles and storage.

I was not so sure whether we're going to need the milk bottles since I've planned (and I pray) that I will fully breastfeed my baby, but we still have to consider the worst case scenario. For example, in public, I don't think I will be comfortable enough to breastfeed it. But that doesn't mean I want to give my baby the formula milk. That's where breast pump and milk storage are in for their job. Since I already have the breast pump, passed down from my cousin, I only need to find the correct storage.

the breast pump that I currently have

I surveyed all brands from the cheapest to the most expensive one by taking into account factors such as BPA-free bottle/container, teats' size, the shapes and the price range. It was quite a difficult decision to make when it comes to your baby's safety and health. Before, most milk bottles with BPA-free criteria came from the expensive brands. Recently, since the government had announced on the ban of milk bottles made of Polycarbonate (PC) which could produce bisphenol-A (BPA) when react with hot water, most milk bottles in the markets are now BPA-free. However, there is still doubt on whether they are truly BPA-free or not.

As I went deeper, I found out about the identification code of a plastic container. Here I thought, they only indicate how long a plastic container could be reused, but I was wrong. There are more about the numbers. So I share here with you several sites/blogs that have shared the full meaning of the code numbers specifically relating to milk bottles;


Kenal Pasti Botol Susu Jenis Polikarbonat
  • Bersifat keras dan lutsinar yang mana ia mengandungi BPA.
  • Botol susu tersebut juga boleh dikenali melalui kod identifikasi plastik yang biasa didapati di bawah botol susu bayi.
  • Kod identifikasinya adalah ‘Nombor 7′, ‘Nombor 7 dan PC’, ‘Nombor 7 dan other’.
  • Botol susu bayi yang bebas BPA biasanya dilabelkan dengan perkataan ‘BPA Free’ atau bebas BPA.

The last point triggered a doubt in me. I surveyed on Avent milk bottles that have the BPA-free/ 0% BPA label where under the milk bottle, the identification code number is 7. How is that possible???

Yesterday, I surveyed these milk bottles at the shopping mall. No worries now since most cheaper brands are also BPA-free and they offer beautiful shapes too!~

Nombor yang sesuai bagi digunakan sebagai bahan botol bayi adalah bahan bernombor 5 atau PP (Polypropelene). Bahan ini biasanya digunakan sebagai botol ubat dan penyedut minuman.
Tip mudah mengenal pasti botol susu BPA Free:
1. Terdapat label pembungkusan ‘BPA Free’
2. Sekiranya tiada label BPA Free, lihat pada bahagian bawah botol terdapat nombor 5 dalam segitiga beranak panah
3. Botol jenis ini berwarna keruh dan lebih lembut
4. Harga botol susu jenis ini biasanya lebih mahal, satu botol lebih RM10
5. Botol susu jenis kaca juga adalah BPA Free

As for me?? Tak decide lagi.. Hihi.. Nak kena decide cepat-cepat ni.. masa dah agak suntuk.. :(

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