Mar 30, 2012

Not to forget the PHD !

Still not sure what to munch for your long lunch hour today, ladies (especially)?
Or still deciding what to have for your romantic Friday night dinner with loved ones this evening?
Why not taste the luxurious traditional pizza at Pizzahut~

Just buy (via online order, call hotline or dine-in) any 2 REGULAR Pizza at RM 30.00 nett or 2 LARGE Pizza at RM 42.00 nett (nett? are you sure? no hidden charges or anything? doesn't matter..)

You can have another Regular traditional Pizza with Double Deals (double deals ni yg mn eh? dh lame x pegi pizzahut.. kikiki..) at only RM 1.00 !
Actually semua pun mcm Double Deals jee..

Yeay !! RM 31 for 3 Regular Pizzas OR
RM 43 for 2 Large and 1 Regular Pizza~

This offer is valid until 30th of April 2012.

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