Mar 5, 2012

Pregnancy Diary #11: Baby's Necessities (update lagiiii...)

Let's see what's left to be bought!

Soft pink indicates 'decided'.
Soft pink and slashed indicates 'done'.
Blue indicates 'purchase last'.

Feeding Needs:
Nursing Bottles (Avent PP) 
- Nursing Bottle Storage Bag
- Breast Pump (Avent) 
- Milk Storage 
- Bottle and Teat Brush 
- Bottle & Food Warmer 
Extra teats 
Baby's Bib (later..)
Baby Food Maker (will be used after 6 months old)

Baby's Nappies Needs
- Newborn Disposable Diapers (Huggies/Mamy Poko)
- Nappy Rash Cream
Diaper Pants (Huggies Pants/Mamy Poko Pants)

Bath & Toiletteries
Baby bath + Shampoo 
Baby Lotion + Oil 
- Baby Powder
- Baby Towel 
- Plastic Bath Tab 
- Plastic Bath Mat 
- Rubber Mat for changing diapers 
- Minyak Bayi (Brand Minyak Burung Unta)
- Clothes Liquid Wash

Bedding Needs

- Pillows and Bolster - Mak buat (green) 
- Nursing Pillow - Mak buat (green) 
- Bedding Set (Tilam & bantal kekabu) - Mak buat (green) 
- Sarung tilam + sarung bantal - Mak buat (green) 
- Mosquito Net 
Baby Cot
Spring Cot (Mosquito Net)
Crib Set (Bumper Cot)
Blanket (hooded /non-hooded)

Heatlhcare Needs
Baby Wipes (Wet tissue) 
- Cotton Wool 
- Cotton Buds 
- Face Towel 
Nail Clipper
Grooming set (Toothbrush/comb/hair brush)

Wardrobe & Accesories
- Newborn Long Sleeves - just bought 1 set, need more
- Newborn Short Sleeves - just bought a few, need more
- Rompers and Jumpers
Mittens and Booties 
- Napkin (utk bedung baby)

- Swaddle wrappers (express zap-on wraps) - spare 
Baby binders (barut perut baby) 
Baby's booties shoes

Baby's Travel Needs
- Stroller
- Car Seat
- Baby's Needs Bag(s) (Turtle bag)
Travel Changing Mat
Baby Carrier utk Abi die..

Other important accessories
- Multi purpose basket (Bakul baju+bakul minyak)
- Packed up bag for clinic appointments
- Dustbin (utk buang diapers) 
- Floor Cleaner + air freshener that is safe for babies 
Children's Cupboard
Children's Drawer
- Low table for changing clothes & diapers (place rubber mat on top)

*Basically 90% complete for newborn preparation la.. Most have been decided, just waiting for the suitable moments to go get 'em..

*wink* *wink*

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