Jan 19, 2012

My Pregnancy Diary #4: Baby moves & kicks! and tips to avoid stretch and scratch marks on the stomach.

It's been 23 weeks now, baby started moving since week 20 or earlier, can't remember but it feels weird, having something moving in the stomach.. hahah..

Now, it kicks almost all the time.. especially between zohor and asar prayer and when I am about to sleep at night.. Sometimes it feels like it slides from one side to another.. it really gives me goosebumps in the early days (around week 18 to 19), but now it feels normal.. :D

Now, I would like to share some tips on how to avoid stretch and scratch marks on the stomach. Simple! For the record. my mom's stomach never had unpretty marks resulted from pregnancy.

  1. Each night before sleep, apply olive oil on the stomach, and often after 5 month and above.
  2. If you feel itchy, don't scratch directly. Instead rub from the outside gently using a comb. Try to control your hands in your sleep.

That's all for now.. Later kalau ada tips lagi, I'll share k.. ~~

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