Mar 26, 2012

Pregnancy Diary #12: Baby's gender..

Did I succeed in drawing your attention, to those who're really into this matter ??

Matter-of-factly, the gender is still UNKNOWN~ Yeah I stink, I know.. ;P

The first time we tried to figure out our baby's gender was during Week 25. Most people suggest that you can already see it after 5 months of pregnancy.. Unfortunately for us, that day, my lil' womb hi-jacker crossed legs, wasn't asleep though. It moved a little, but did not allow us to see its middle..
My husband felt relief somehow and suddenly decided not to know whether this little swimmer is a he or a she until it comes out. I was of course excited to know. Doctor suggests that we do it again as it reach 7 months.

My last check up with the local hospital was when I'm in Week 32. Am currently in Week 34. During the scan session, I asked the doctor if she could see the gender, but the answer is still  'no'.. Fine, dear baby, I'll see you soon, then..


So, still in the topic, have you ever heard of the signs of the dreams that indicate whether your womb squatter's a girl or a boy? It happens in my family, but merely to myself. I mean, my mom, my aunts and my cousins had series of dreams about a thing. If the dream is about you receiving gold jewelleries, then it's a girl. On the other hand, if you dream about receiving ripe fruits in a large quantity, then it's a boy. I did have that kind of dreams once or twice, I can't remember, but I'm not gonna tell.. ;P Maybe because I'm not that eager to know, that's why I hardly dream, PLUS the fact that I'm a light sleeper that hardly has dreams.. heh..

Other tips to know the gender are by looking at the shape of the mom's belly, the mom's face and attitude towards home chores, etc.. I'm sure these are famous hints, thus, I don't need to explain further..

People can guess, they can tell whatever comes in their mind. After all, the truth will only be revealed once the baby is out..

To those who know, keep guessing peeps.. :D We'll see who guess it right..

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