Nov 24, 2012

Pregnancy Diary #15: The Last Episode of the First Season ;P

This happened six and a half months ago~

I'd like to express my gratitude to the members of Gentle Birthing Group in FB for all the tips and advices they've shared. I gave birth to Adam on the 7th of May at Teluk Intan GH. Frequent contractions at 15 minutes apart started about 4 am. Blood show spotted during my first pee at 6 am. Waited for my parents to wake up and updated them about my condition. I decided to wait until I was confident that I was near labor, but my mother insisted that I went straight to the labor room. With her excited face, I just cudn't disagree anymore. 8.30 am, my father brought me to Teluk Intan GH labor room. Was 3 cm dilated, so I was admitted to the ward until the opening reached 4 cm, then only they'll bring me to labor. 

 Knowing the procedures, I was afraid that after my amniotic water was forcefully broken, I might be having prolonged cervical opening to reach 10 cm since I haven't done much walking (I'm a fulltime housewife). So I decided to stay in the ward, for as long as I could still endure the pain, and walked around the ward every minute that I got. When the pain surged, I stopped and held to anything until the surges went away. at 630 pm, I felt confident and asked the sister in-charged to check my opening. 4 cm. So I was brought to the labor room. The best part (there and then) was that this GH has one husband-friendly room. I requested, and coincidentally the room was free :) At about 8 pm, one of the HO inserted the thing that broke the water. 

No need to tell about all the pain (that i've forgotten now). Alhamdulillah, half an hour later I heard the other doctor commented that I was progressing fast (not sure if it was because of my sudden active walks in the ward, or even if I went to the labor room earlier, the situation wud still be the same, i didn't care, i just felt relief. It's the confidence that i needed, after all). I juz cudn't wait to get this baby out! At 945 pm, a baby boy was born, weighing 3.1 kg, 51 cm of length and 33 cm of head diameter. 

 It was a 'Post SVD with Episiotomy'.

There's my boy! Healthy and happy, in shaa Allah..

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