Jan 22, 2013

Confinement: Vitamins and Supplements VS Traditional Remedies.

Basically, the vitamins and supplements needed for postnatal care are not very much different from those needed during natal. In fact, they are all the same ones - iron, folic acid, vitamin B complex and vitamin C. We might be subscribed with extra other pills depending on the body condition as well.

Giving birth is both exhausting and emotional, resulted from losing blood and changes in hormones. We may feel sore physically, particularly if we have had stitches. 

Let's look at the importance of these vitamins mentioned above:
IRON helps to form hemoglobin and plays an important part in immunity function. Lack in iron results in fatigue, breathing hardship and anemia.
FOLIC ACID is important in the production of energy and the formation of red blood cells. It functions to the fullest when taken with vitamin B12 and vitamin C. It also helps in the event of depression and "anxiety".
VITAMIN B COMPLEX which normally consists of B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12 helps in reducing stress, releasing exhausted body, repairing wounds, in the formation of red blood cells, reducing sensitiveness and tact, building stronger memories, etc.
VITAMIN C acts as antioxidant. It helps in the production of anti-stress hormone and interferon, an important protein for immunity system, and increase the absorption of iron. It is also needed in the formation of collagen.

All in all, lacks in all of the above resulted in fatigues and anemia. I basically summarize to focus on their functions during postnatal care. Kindly google for more info.

Other than that, how about practising the Prophet's Sunnah way?
Goat's milk, honey, coffee and dates. They help a lot in retaining and restoring energy, boosting breast milk and providing the best nutrients for both mother and breastfed baby.

Now, about the traditional remedies. How were they practised?
'Berbarut', 'berbengkung', 'berpilis', 'bertungku', drink 'jamu' remedy for inner repair, etc, all are practised differently based on regularities and ethnics including the dos and don'ts during confinement and the time period is also different from one to another. There are also several well-known local brands that offer 'confinement care set'. If you are lucky, like me hehe, my mother took care of everything even 'rempah kecutkan rahim' was prepared by her.

As for me, I went through my confinement period having both supplements and traditional ways. I include ESP and REDIANZE for energy booster since I breastfed my baby boy and still am. I'll share about my confinement experience in my next post ya.. Adios..

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Jan 2, 2013

Project Mega 2013: Home-schooling Adam.

Project Mega 2013: Home-schooling Adam Nur Salim.

[a] Preparation: THE first quarter of the year (done by May).
[b] Project commence: May 2013 (Adam turns ONE).

Source of references:-
1 - Mummies' blogs/websites/FB pages.
2 - Parenting Books (by own findings or suggestions from no.2).
3 - Other web sources (by own findings or suggestions from no.2).
4 - How we are home-schooled by our parents.

Outcomes' Presentation: Presented in the form of blogging, attached with pictures, sources and links.

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