Mar 5, 2013

"Changing Brands can Change Your Life"

For a few months now, I have consumed organic produce vitamins by the famous Dr. Shaklee.. Congratulations to me! And thanks a lot to my cousin-cum-coach, Putri Norin for her unrequited encouragements and advice.
Knew this product back in secondary school, long story~ Consumed ESP during confinement (May - June) for tester and continued until recent.. And now B-Complex, OmegaGuard (Fish Oil from deep sea) and Vita-lea Iron added in the list. More to come~
A full-time housewife, a mother to a 10mo (on 7/3) baby boy now and a small business entrepreneur, additional supplements are just as important to me as to other working moms out there!!
Thus I believe now that changing brands do change my life... *winks*

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