Feb 2, 2013

Confinement: My own experience.

My first confinement experience, and I did not really obey certain important obligations like;
1 - we have to ikat rambut keatas very tightly so as to pull our face up, so tak lah muka cepat kendur.
2 - berbarut dan berbengkung, berpilis, like, everyday for 40 - 44 days.
3 - berurut as early as the third day.
4 - not to sleep during the day, like, do not ever, even take a nap!
5 - pakai bedak panas satu badan.

Kalau diikutkan memang banyaaaakkk.. Luckily, I'm the type of person who takes supplements. Whoever yang tak ambik supplements, memang kena really obey the traditions. They are good practice, tak rugi pun kalau ikut.

As for me, apart from the vitamins supplied by the hospital, I've also taken REDIANZE as early as the second day, since the first day was spent in the hospital. REDIANZE is a marine collagen product plus plus. Also has vitamin C that is good for recovering inner wounds etc. For more info, kindly refer http://diana-eskayvie2u.blogspot.com/

Besides that, I also get ESP supply from my cousin. Actually she wants me to taste first. I was searching for protein supplement to boost energy. You all know right, we've lost the energy along with the blood lost l thduring labor. So, logically, we need to restore and sustain our energy for the maintenance during postnatal care. We must obtain all the nutrients needed, what more with the baby feeding on our breastmilk. We still have to eat the vegetables and protein-source food like the fish, tempe (my all-time-favourite), meat, etc., but there is no guarantee that all the important nutrients are absorbed properly and sufficiently by our body. Some good protein might have been lost while the food is cooked under certain heat measure. ESP provides all the essential acid aminos and B vitamins needed by our body.

Tak buat berbarut with all the traditional herbs (Mustika Ratu, Nona Roguy, Sendayu Tinggi, Salindah have these mixed herbs untuk berbarut). My mother gave me an option to replace it by applying Losyen Mustajab Pati Halia to the stomache and also the forehead (to replace the pilis) everyday for 40 days before bertungku and berbengkungBab brtungku pulak, bertungku dengan tungku besi, ramai yg bertungku menggunakan batu sungai, but in my family memang turun temurun guna tungku besi. The one that I used was of course my mother's. Sangkak-menyangkak tu memang best, walaupun tersengguk-sengguk menahan ngantuk, sometimes, siap tertido then terkejut jaga sbb rasa panaaasss je kat perut.. ooppss ter'overdose' bg heat plak.. kih kih kih.. experience~

Berbengkung? Ohohoho.. Yang ni I must tell ! I x buat! My mother menyinga laaa, apalagas kan? She wants me to wear bengkung ikat kain panjang 5 meter tu.. Imagine just how much time is taken just to ikat your stomach ketat2? I couldn't. First, I prioritize my baby Adam on top of my own self. He's sooo babyyyy, I couldn't hear a single cry from his mouth, I left everything I was doing and lifted him to feed him. I memang tak sangguppp sangaattt... Even halfway bertungku pun, I will stop. Second, berpeluh-peluh kut nak melilitnya.. Tengok gambar bawah ni. Kiri: Bengkung moden. Kanan: Bengkung kain panjang.

Before deliver lagi, I dah ckp kat mak, I nak pakai yang belah kiri ni.. Senang, tarik je tali kat depan tu.. Tapi mak berkeras suruh pakai yang belah kanan, yang mak punya dulu.. Sudahnya, langsung tak pakai..

And then, I ada minum rempah untuk kecutkan rahim for three days. Mak buat bagi sedap, so memang tak complaint part ni.. hihi.. ramuan nya senang je, kunyit hidup + asam jawa + gula kabung. Rempah ni jugak diminum bertujuan untuk cuci rahim kita.

After 2 weeks baru lah berurut tiga hari berturut-turut.. Was a bit late but still have to. Supposedly, as early as the third day. Time ni lah, tukang urut tu tolong ikatkan rambut ketat2 ke atas. Tapi, lepas tu turun gak.. Memang bab tu tak dapat nak disiplinkan diri.

Pantang larang mcm tak boleh tido siang tu I tak dapat ikut. Plus, my mom pun tak strict.. Selamber je tido.. kih kih kih..

Bab makan dalam pantang tak sebut lagi ni.. Next post Yanne cerita, my food dalam pantang sedap-sedap.. (for me la) 'coz I memang jenis yg makan simple2 je.. :)

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