Aug 6, 2014

Women's Bestfriend !

Assalamualaikum semua.. Alhamdulillah, syukur.. tak sangka saya ada ramai silent readers.. Ramai yang rajin bertanya di WhatsApp dan Facebook especially girls.. Congratulations.. Seems like the health awareness among women in Malaysia has increased.

So this month, we have GLA in our Buy 6 Free 1 Promotion Cart ! 
Ladies ... you don't wanna miss this!! 
GLA Complex is our BFF. Remember that. and why we (as in all Shaklee distributors) stress on that particular point?


GLA Complex has worked, always work and will work inshaa Allah if you believe in NATURAL, ALWAYS WORK and ALWAYS SAFE kind of produce. It is a proven policy.

During last year's promo, my sis, my mom and myself stock GLA up for a year. and it's not enough because of the market demand !

INTERESTED ? To purchase:
Text me at the number and email stated below.

Best Regards,

Nur Diana | ID: 845685
SMS/WhatsApp 0196658599
FB Personal: Yanne Abu

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